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Zizkov Television Tower, Prague, Czech Republic

One of the strangest buildings in Prague is the Žižkov Television Tower (Žižkovský vysílač), which reminds movies about Soviet cosmonauts and rockets, getting ready for their flight into space. This external "rocket" view is the result of the socialist era, when the tower was built (from 1985 to 1992). Žižkov Television Tower looks like a huge Soviet toy.

The Tower architect is Vaclav Aulicky. It was built in the Žižkov district (this is why the tower is named Žižkov) – on the site of Jewish cemetery, which is partially preserved. Tower is almost entirely built of metal, concrete and glass. The height of the tower is 216 meters. It is constructed with three massive high concrete pillars, connected with each other by transverse platforms. On the platform with the height of 93 meters three observational rooms are located. The lower platform houses the restaurant and café. Of course, the Žižkov Television Tower also hosts broadcasting equipment. You can reach the platforms via elevator.

The tower is decorated with statues of ten black crawling kids. This sculptural composition was created by David Black in 2000 to embellish the tower, and slightly soften the socialist impression, created by the view of the tower.

Žižkov Television Tower is included in the list of World Federation of the high towers. It is the tallest building in the Czech Republic. It can be seen from almost all corners of Prague. Žižkov tower probably holds the first place among the ugliest buildings in Prague. This building is often criticized because of its appearance, which contrasts with the surrounding panorama. However, despite its ugliness, the structure has one advantage - its observation rooms are the best place to see Prague from the height of bird’s-eye view. Observation rooms have special strange looking chairs, resembling capsules. Sitting in these comfortable chairs one can enjoy incredibly beautiful panorama of Prague with its red, tiled roofs. In the observation rooms, one can also hear the voices of the city - the voices of playing children, the noise of the cars, the bells of the churches and so on. Žižkov Television Tower was severely criticized because of its ugliness, but as stated in the advertising poster inviting tourists to visit it, this tower is the "Ugliest building in the world - you'll love it!".

By Anna Pambukhchyan,


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