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Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire County, Great Britain

The Woodstock Palace was a residence for different royal dynasties of England. There is no correct data about when it was built. It is certain that King Henry I of England built a hunting lodge here and in 1129 built a 7 mile circling wall thus creating the first closed park-sanctuary, inhabited also by lions and leopards. Under the rule of Henry’s grandson Henry II the lodge was reconstructed into a castle, where the King used to spend time with his lover Rosamund Clifford. The palace was destroyed during the Hundred Years' War, sixty years later on his foundation the Blenheim castle was built (it is famous for the fact that Winston Churchill was born here).

Despite the fact that the Woodstock castle (now Blenheim сastle) is known as a haunted one, it can hardly be called a scary building. The essence of romance predominates here. Here is the story of the spectrum: in 12th century there was a young girl from a very poor family named Rosemund. The only precious thing she had was her beauty: owing to it she became King Henry II's lover. According to the legend she was the only one whom King loved so much. To protect her from the evil Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, the King hid her in the Woodstock castle, where a special maze was built. The entrance was guarded by the faithful knight Thomas, who had a silver yarn that led to Rosemund.

Once the King was to leave for France and had to leave his Rosemund in the castle despite her pleadings to take her with him. However the subtle Queen Eleonore had learned about husband's secret love and the ways to find Rosemund. The poor girl was left with 2 choices to die, a dagger or poison. She preferred poison. On knowing about Rosemund's death King was desperate. Since then the spectrum of the desolate Rosemund comes to the castle waiting for her lover...

In XVIII century the parliament decided to make the inventory of the castle. The clerks that were to fulfill the mission were accepted not so kindly: Rosemund threw stones at them, and poured cold water on them.

By Sona Gasparian,


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