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William A. Kerr Foundation Office, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

What is the LEED Certification?

The original building, constructed in 1894 was a bathhouse but was later used also as a warehouse and even a paint shop. In 2004 the representative of William A. Kerr Foundation purchased it. The foundation was established in May 1998 and was named after investor and traveler William Kerr. Since then the building has been used for educational purposes and as an office building for the foundation. The historical premise is near the North Trail, which increases its significance even more. Construction works were finished in 2007. Project cost was $2 million. The main aim of the renovation team was to display how the concept of sustainability can be applied in office buildings, through innovative strategies and green technologies. The renovation of the building was carried out in three directions: local materials, recycling and material reuse. The center contains bicycle storages, meeting rooms and classrooms. During construction works 50% of building materials was taken from local suppliers. The photovoltaic solar panels on the green roof and the wind turbine produce 20% of the required energy. Water consumption is reduced thanks to dual flush water closets and low-flow showers, as well as barrels for stormwater. The floor of the building is partly covered with bamboo. Gross floor area is 483 square meters (or 5200 sq feet). The office was awarded LEED-Platinum certification.

By Astghik Atabekyan,


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