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Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire, Great Britain

The hypothetical date of the construction is 10th century. It had had many owners among which there were Kings Richard III and Henry VIII. Katherine Parr, Henry VIII's last wife is buried in the local chapel.

After the King's death Thomas Seymour appeared in the political arena and proposed the King's daughter to marry him. However he was rejected and married the King's widow Katherine Parr. They moved to Sudeley castle. Soon Lady Katherine gave birth to a girl, and after a week after the baby's birth she died. After his wif's death Thomas Seymour who was extremely eager to gain power, proposed Henry VIII's little heiress to marry him. Receiving the second rejection he left his newborn child and went to London.

Katherine Parr was buried in the chapel nearby. Once a farmer, who was working there found her tomb and saw Lady Katherine with brilliant skin. A second later her body started drying. The scared farmer closed the tomb. Later a new chapel was constructed, and Katherine's body was transported there. However her soul didn't gain rest in peace and constantly appeared in the castle. She was mainly seen in the playroom where her big portrait was hung. However her visits didn't frighten the dwellers. As Lady Katherine's spectrum didn't threaten them, they even made friends.

However this is not the only ghost in the castle. Another spectrum living here belongs to the housekeeper Janet. Once she used to control the huge staff of the house. Also she looked after young maids and protected them from annoying young people. She was so devoted to her masters and the house, that even after death she stayed here and kept watching the servants. In 1993 a young girl that was visiting the castle with an excursion group told that an unknown force made her go upstairs, where she saw a spectrum of an elderly woman. The scared girl escaped.

By Sona Gasparian,

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