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Spittelau Waste Incineration Plant, Vienna, Austria

If this building was intended for the Museum of Modern Art, for Puppet Theatre or for confectionery, your astonishment would hardly have reached its peak: but this magnificent structure is nothing else but a simple waste incineration plant in Spittelau District, Vienna (a.k.a. Spittelau District Heating Plant). The facade of this plant is designed by famous Austrian painter and decorator Friedensreich Hundertwasser thanks to which a riotous richness of asymmetries, color and nature makes a building like a fairytale castle. The factory existed since 1971, but in 1987 the building was damaged by fire and was in need of renovation. Hundertwasser, famous for its "ecological" views was instructed to re-design the plant. He believed in the right use of the recycling. The plant had to meet the most stringent ecological requirements. The construction work lasted for 4 years. And in 1992, a unique bizarre building with its art gallery was brought before the public in a new graceful appearance. The Spittelau plant abounds in bright decor elements and also a planting of greenery action is held here. It is equipped with filters to remove heavy metals, hydrochloric acid and sulfur dioxide. The Spittelau plant has a capacity of 265.000 tons of municipal solid wastes per year producing heat for district heating and electricity for its own use. The Austrian system of gathering and processing of waste is a vivid example of application of various technologies to protect the environment and human health. It lasted more than 40 years for this system to be reached to perfection.

Here is another brilliant example when a Cinderella has become a real princess! And this piece of unusual architecture is considered to be one of the most important landmarks of Spittelau.

By Lilit Khalatyan,



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