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Sharp Center for Design, OCAD, Toronto, Canada

Sharp Center for Design, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada.
In 2004 British famous architect Will Alsop realized his wildest imagination, construction of a building in the heart of Toronto where the greatest diversity of cultures attracts most tourists. The Sharp Center for Design named after the lead benefactors Rosalie and Isadore Sharp is a wonderful addition to the College of Art and Design. It's a table-top structure in a form of a parallelepiped (9m high, 31m wide and 84m long) with striking black and white pixelated skin. The core stands 26 meters above the ground on 12 multi-colored legs. The building contains а large steel structures.

An integral part of the original design plan is lighting that fantastically changes the mood and the character of the building between day and night. By nightfall a specially designed exterior lighting creates an impression of hovering white-black box with randomly scattered multicolored highlights.

The Sharp Centre for Design was one of six buildings honored with the first-ever Royal Institute of British Architects Worldwide Award in 2004 as "courageous, bold and just a little insane". For many years this architectural masterpiece was honored with numerous awards in various categories. It's considered one of the main sights of Toronto.

By Lilit Khalatyan,


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