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Samsung Green Tomorrow, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea

What is the LEED Certification?

Designed by Samoo Architects Samsung Green Tomorrow is a LEED Platinum-certified commercial office building, awarded in September 2009. Located in South Korea’s Yongin City, Gyeonggi-Do province, eco-development occupies approximately 730 square meters floor area. It is a vivid example of the so-called “Zero Energy House”, the main characteristic feature of which is that it does not need any energy source from the outside. With 68 energy-saving systems, including three-layer windows, daylight sensors, light absorption mechanisms and efficient lighting, it is possible to save 56% electricity. As in the majority of green buildings, electricity is produced by solar panels installed on the roof which provide more than 20 megawatt a year, in other words, the other 44% of needed electricity.

Treatment of gray water is done by a biological reactor. Treated water is later reused for indoor cleaning works and irrigation. The building also makes use of low-flow fixtures. It is also the first East Asian green building with LEED Platinum Certification.

By Astghik Atabekyan,



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