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Rozak House, Darwin, Australia

Who is Mike Rozak? An IT specialist from North America who had visited Australia during the early 90's and was fond of Australian landscape... And in 1999 he moved to Australia and decided to realize his cherish dream, that is to build his new extraordinary home. Then he bought 100 acre parcel of virgin bush land in the neighborhood of Lake Bennett, 80km south of Darwin and construction works started. Rozak named the house Eagle Eye.

Structurally this house is made out of steel structure with rigid connections. Gross floor area is only about 200 square meters. At first glance it looks something obscure. But from the architectural point of view it is rather interesting and complicated construction that is able to confront the uplift effect of the strong cyclone wind. This stilt-house has solar power panels and rainwater collection systems. This masterpiece approved that there is no need to have much money to build a house, you may use light steel structures that reduce environmental impact. It must be noted that the interior also deals with metal as the walls and ceiling are made of steel. This house received two major prizes in National Architecture Awards 2002. So, Rozak's dream of "camping in the country" came true and thus he made his own history.

By Lilit Khalatyan,



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