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Ross Street House, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

What is the LEED Certification?

Located in a neighborhood of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Ross Street House is a private residence, owned by the marital couple of mechanical engineer Fred Berg and designer Carol Richard. Carol Richard is also a founding partner of the architectural company “Richard Wittschiebe Hand”, which made the house design. Construction works of the eco-friendly building were completed in 2009 with cost $500,000. The Ross Street House is the first project in Wisconsin to earn the prestigious LEED Platinum certification for Homes (July 2009). It occupies 250 sq meters above basement level (2,700 square feet) and features a southern façade which shades the sun in summer and captures sun heat in winter. The designers made a unique contrast of colors in the interior and exterior design. The metal roof of the house is dark, while the interior are light-coloured. The house is zoned with service elements on the west side and living spaces on the east side. Electricity is generated by PV panels, installed on the roof of the garage. Water is conserved by a number of water-efficient mechanisms – low-flow faucets, collection of rainwater and its later use for irrigation, an effective heater, etc.

By Astghik Atabekyan,



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