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New Century Global Center, Chengdu, China

If you want to see the largest at the moment building in the world, you need to fly to the Chinese city Chengdu – the center of Sichuan province. The number of Chengdu’s population is around 14 million. During the last few years, the city has been experiencing an architectural boom, when many grandiose buildings were built. No wonder that the largest building of the world was build exactly here only in three years. This giant building, called the New Century Global Center, partly opened in early 2013. The solemn but modest opening of the building was held at the summer of the same year.

The total area of this giant building is 1.76 million square meters. The building is three times larger than the Pentagon: Its height is 100 meters, width - 400, and length - 500 meters. The building has 18 floors. It is almost entirely constructed of metal and glass.

About 400 thousand square meters of its space is used as a shopping center. In the building you can find any cultural and entertainment places, that you can imagine – from aquapark to the cinema with 14 halls or a university complex. The building is also housing many offices, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants and so on.

The construction of the New Century was initiated, thanks to the efforts of the Chinese businessman Deng Hong, who was later arrested before the official opening of the building on corruption charges.

The design of the building is made in marine theme. The shape of the roof and walls resembles a sea wave. Inside of the building the most important attraction is the Paradise Island aquapark with its artificial beaches, where you can see an artificial sunset or a sunrise. In the evenings, over the water a stage for concerts is erected. The building even has an artificial sun, which both illuminates and heats the areas.

The New Century Global Centre is an example of boundless imagination of humans. The building is fully corresponds with the title New Century, because of its ultramodern structure and possibilities. This building is an example of the greatness of modern architecture and the symbol of today’s China prosperity.

By Anna Pambukhchyan,


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