Museum of Sex, New York, USA

An educational centre, describing the history, development and significance of human sexuality. This is how the founders call the museum. “A place celebrating public chaotic sex”, William Donohue from Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights says. Nevertheless, if we put away all emotions we will find a sophisticated collection of 15 000 artifacts, including works of art, photo-graphs, clothes technological novelties, as well as a rich library with books and multimedia materials, from ancient times up to nowadays. In short, there is created an atmosphere where one can enter and enrich his knowledge in the field of sexual life.

The museum was opened on 5th of October, 2002 on 233 5th Avenue, Manhattan. The owner of the museum is Daniel Gluck, a person who devoted his life to exploring human sexuality. The premi-ere exhibition was called “Sex in NY: How NY Changed Sex Culture in USA”. Afterwards the museum focused on historical exhibits, collected all over the world, from different civilizations and periods. Thereafter exhibitions like “Sex Among the Lotus: 2500 Years of Chinese Erotic Obsession” became common here.

Gluck tried to get a non-profit organization status for his museum (like all other museums), but he was refused by city government. The motivation provided in the resolution was that “the museum of sex is a mockery towards other cultural venues”. Foresaid William Donohue once expressed his dis-regard towards this place announcing that "If the museum's officials were honest, they would include a death chamber that would acknowledge all the wretched diseases that promiscuity has caused. And they would give due recognition to the role that promiscuity has played in creating poverty. But in-stead we can look for the museum to celebrate public sex”.

However, despite this extremely negative attitude of government and Catholic League, the mu-seum has never undergone religious attacks. Moreover, an event called “Faith in Latex” was organized here, where leaders from Catholic, Anglican, Buddhist and Jewish religions were present. However, I should add that despite being so much talked about, the museum is not that much popular among tourists or locals. There are two opinions: one says that “the museum is not enough erotic and one can’t learn anything new here”. The opposite side complains that this is not erotic; this is a cult of pornography. In the end one gets an impression that you definitely shouldn’t buy a one-way ticket to NY just to see this museum.

By Sona Gasparian,


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