Museum of Eroticism, Paris, France

Museums, devoted to eroticism are not an innovation, there are such museums in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Barcelona. The very first erotic museum was founded in 1819 in Naples. Though the one in Paris has been "late" for almost a century, it is rather impressing. 5 floors, some 2000 exhibits, periodical exhibitions, some 100 meters far from Moulin Rouge...

Museum of Eroticism of Paris (French: Musee de l'erotisme) was founded on 8 November 1997. There are 7 halls in the museum, where everyone can find something to their own taste: Japanese erotic netsuke (Miniature sculptures. Were used as pendants on Japanese traditional robes - kimono), erotic furniture (some will like those quite odd chairs), a hall dedicated to homosexual love affairs of ancient Aztecs. There are also exhibits for women interested in same-sex love. One can also sit in heart-shaped armchairs and enjoy porn movies of different times. The exposition here changes every 2 months, unless there are special events. For instance, during the football World Cup of 1998 the museum presented a series of models with balls.

Despite the first contradictory impression, some exhibits can be rather useful for those who make researches on history. A full "erotic" chorography of Paris starting from 20s up to now is shown here.

In a small boutique you can find presents and souvenirs for your friends. What else can I add? The museum is situated near the Blanche metro station, it is open every day from 1000 - 0200 . The entrance fee is €8; if you provide your student ID card you'll be able to enter for €6. Children under 16 aren't allowed to enter the museum. Keep travelling and discovering new places!

By Sona Gasparian,



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