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Mammys Cupboard, Natchez, Mississippi, USA

Best cooks are black women! And this unusual funny building in Natchez, Mississippi, should be of course nothing else but a restaurant. Mammy's Cupboard was built in 1940 with the aim to attract customers to the Shell Gas Station that was here for many years. The skirt is made out of bricks, and the earrings are horseshoes. She is smiling and holding a serving tray. Mammy's Cupboard stands beside Highway 61 just south of Natchez, a Mississippi River town with a long and celebrated history. This unique restaurant and gift shop is housed in 8.5m tall black woman's skirt! In its history the Cupboard has endured cycles of decays and restorations. Today the Mammy's Cupboard is pretty roadside restaurant with renovated exterior and refurbished interior. This exclusive monument embodies exceptionally good and warm emotions, which is typical for black women. When passing by, it's worth having lunch in this unusual building to sample some sublime Southern cooking.

This restaurant was placed well into our Sexy buildings category. A mere thought that you can enjoy delicious dishes under someone's skirt, already leads to "certain" emotions.

By Lilit Khalatyan,



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