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Khutchap Monastery, Privolnoye, Armenia

Khuchap Monastery is situated in the Lori Province of Armenia, on a woody slope of Mount Lalvar, not far from Privolnoye village. Though the monastic complex referred to the 13th century, its first buildings are dated from the IX-X centuries. Single-nave basilica - the most ancient structure of the monastery, was erected at that time.

At first Khutchap served as a cloister, but under Zakarians Family rule (13th c.) it became a Chalcedonian monastery. The main church of the monastery was erected in the 13th century. It`s a rectangular domed hall with a pair of pylons. Octahedral pylons are made of one piece stone.

The church is built of felsite stone, the walls are faced with brick from inside. There are two-story side-chapels on the both sides of the altar. The fragments of ancient frescoes preserved on the southern wall. The church is crowned with dodecahedral dome. There are narrow windows on each side of the drum. There are three entrances from the west, south and north. The interior is rich of decorations.

A vestibule sides the church from the west, and lengthwise vaulted 2 halls — from the south and north. Single-nave basilica was renovated in the 13th century – at the time of main church construction. To the north of this basilica situated dilapidated chapel. Ruins of some dwellings and utility structures are also found on the neighboring territory.

By Natalia Ghukasyan,


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