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ITC Green Center, Gurgaon, India

What is the LEED Certification?

The owner of Green Center in Gurgaon (state Haryana) is ITC Limited, one of India's most famous companies. The architect of the building is Rajender Kumar and Associates. Floor area is about 15.000 sq meters (170.000 sq ft). It's the largest non-commercial Green building in the world. In 2004, the L-shaped center received LEED Platinum award. The three main ''green'' elements in the building are reduction, reuse and recycling. Carbon dioxide emission is reduced by % 30, compared with other buildings of the same size. Water used in the building is recycled in the sewage treatment plant. Water saving techniques includes waterless toilets, dual-flushing systems and low-flow showers.

According to professionals of the field, ITC Green Center is an embodiment of Green thinking. In the process of constructing only local materials were used. Besides, 10% of building materials are recycled. Even carpets are made from recycled yarn. Due to the structure of the building and double-glazed windows, natural light is always in its central section. High ceilings guarantee a good quality of air. The level of CO2 (carbon dioxide) is checked by indoor control systems.

By Astghik Atabekyan,


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