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Institute for Forestry and Nature Research, Wageningen, Netherlands

What is the LEED Certification?

Institute for Forestry and Nature Research, Wageningen, Netherlands
The most peculiar feature of the Research Institute, built by the plan of Stefan Behnisch Architekten, is its constant connection with nature and the surrounding landscape with the help of the gardens, both indoor and outdoor. Construction works began in 1994 and were finished in 1998. Gross floor area is 11,800 square meters (or 126,970 square feet). Besides, it’s a European Union pilot project aimed at investigating ecological concepts in the new administrative and laboratory building, an example of how a sustainable design can be realized with a small budget. The designing team aimed at creating unique harmony between the building and the whole ecosystem and to use only ecologically sound construction materials. The interior design is flexible thanks to which the building can easily adapt to the new requirements of life. Designers call it a “Living organism”, a people- and environment friendly building, with multi-functionality and flexibility of interior spaces, an open structure and glass-roofed gardens which bring the nature closer to the interior.

By Astghik Atabekyan,



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