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Hungarian Parliament Building, Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Parliament building is one of those unique buildings, which can bewitch human eyes and be equally amazing under the rain and snow, under the rays of sun and in the darkness. One of the main factors, increasing the beauty of this building, is its location. The building is situated in the heart of Budapest, on the bank of the Danube, which is dividing Budapest to two main parts – Buda and Pest. The Parliament building is on Pest’s side. As far as it is situated between two massive bridges – Margaret Bridge and Chain Bridge, it is well seen, while standing on both bridges and also from the other bank of the river. The building is very impressive both from short and long distances.

Decision to build the Parliament building was made in 1880. The building was meant to become the symbol of the sovereignty of Hungarians. In order to choose an architectural design for the future building an international competition was initiated. Hungarian architect Imre Steindl won the competition. The construction of the building took almost ten years: it started in 1885 and ended in 1904. Unfortunately, Imre Steindl went blind and died in 1902, before the completion of the Parliament building, which is without any doubt his best creation.

Hungarian Parliament building is the biggest building in Budapest. Its length is 268 meters, and width - 123 meters. The building is designed in Neo-Gothic style. From outside the building is in red and white tones, while inside of it red and gold colors are prevailing. More than 40 kilograms of gold and numerous precious stones were used to decorate the building. Thanks to the symmetry of its facade, the building has two big halls with identical size on its right and left sides. Now one of them is used for parliamentary sessions, and the other one is open for visitors. After the Second World War on the building’s central dome was placed a big red communist star, which was removed after the fall of the USSR.

From the year 2000 the symbol of Hungarian monarchy - the Hungarian crown, is exhibited in the building. It is believed to be the crown of the Hungarian monarchy’s founder Saint Stephen I (ruled from 1000 to 1038).

From the outside the building looks very fragile which is not far from the truth. Different parts of the building are very often under reconstruction. In fact, the reconstruction of the building never stops. In spite of its huge size, the building reminds fairy castle. In the night Parliament building is brightly illuminated and is impressing with its sublimity.

By Anna Pambukhchyan,


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