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G-Spot Museum, Moscow, Russia

In the Soviet times any discussion on the sex topic was forbidden and according to a popular saying - “There was no sex in the Soviet Union”. Citizens of contemporary Russia are luckier than their Soviet ancestries.

The creator of the Russian’s first sex museum Alexander Donskoy claims that his initial purpose was to increase the freedom of expression within his native country – the way he think will work.

The Museum was opened in June 2011 in the center of Moscow – on famous New Arbat Street. From the outside the building itself is not noteworthy – black windows, black signboards, like an entrance of ordinary nightclub in Moscow. “Tochka G” (G-Spot) has two main sections – museum on erotic art and a sex-shop, which, according to the creators of this project, is the biggest in the Russia.

G-Spot museum offers more than 3000 exhibits. Right at the entrance there are standing two huge - two meter high phalli. One of them is white and blue and is decorated in Russian traditional Gzhel style of pottery. The second one is more natural - flesh-colored.

One of the most remarkable showpieces in G-Spot is the painting of Russian contemporary artist Vera Donskaya-Khilko. The painting named “Wrestling” represents battle between Putin and Obama. The weapons of both presidents are their huge phalluses. In fact, Putin has two male genitals, while Obama’s penis is supported by big stack of dollars. The painting represents also several symbols of independence of both states – USA and Russia. For example Putin is wearing bearskin on the head, while Obama standing like the Statue of Liberty.

The museum also exhibits historical showpieces from different countries and from Soviet era, drawings of orgies, sculptures representing coitus of different animals, etc.

The museum has become a topic of wide discussions, criticism and persecution. The creator and the owner of the museum Alexander Donskoy claims, that “Tochka G” is not a project about sex, but a project about freedom - the protest against religious and political authoritarian rule of the country.

Alexander V. Donskoy (born in 1970) – the former Mayor of Arkhangelsk, was charged and arrested (2008), but later released in the courtroom. The Mayor Donskoy was in political straggle with Governor Kiselev and many people connect the prosecution of Donskoy with this political conflict.

By Anna Pambukhchyan,


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