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Floating Underwater Hotel, Vasteras, Sweden

Often the cherished dream is expressed so brightly that your heart desires to be a bird or fish, enjoying that unattainable freedom which God has saved from the people. But come and see the human brain is always proves to be so imaginative that in our life impossible becomes reality. In other words, if suddenly an idea comes into your mind to live like a fish under the water, the doors of the floating underwater hotel called “Utter Inn” are open for you (note, that this is not the only one in the world).

Embodiment of a long cherished dream is possible not only in fairy tales! A Swedish architect and sculptor Michael Genberg has become famous when he achieved his ambition and a dream of his early childhood came true: to design and build floating house, which would lead you to the amazing underwater world to get a glance of the daring inhabitants. There is nothing more wonderful than a succeeded result of your own imagination and mind! His red fairy-tale castle, plunging into a Swedish lake Malaren, in Vasteras, has been in front of public since 2000. Hotel-art project in the middle of the lake is designed for two people and offers all necessary facilities: kitchen, bedroom, living room. The floating hotel, submerged 3 meters under water, offers memorable beautiful magic scene of lake life through its windows. By the way this funny hotel turns into a good, profitable business for the Michael.

By Lilit Khalatyan,



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