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Council House 2, Melbourne, Australia

What is the LEED Certification?

Located at 240 Little Collins Street, Council House Two was the first office building to earn Australian highest 6 Star Design Rating – equivalent to LEED Platinum Certification. Construction works of the famous Australian green project, that was also the most sustainable building in the country at this time, began in 2004 and were completed in September 2006. The idea to build Melbourne City Council new building belongs to Rob Adams, director of city design and urban environment of Melbourne. The designers wanted the energy- and water-efficient project to correspond to the climate and environmental peculiarities of Melbourne. The architect of the project is Mick Pearce. The interior space is full of natural light and there is no need for artificial lighting during the day. Fresh air supply is maximized thanks to the northern and southern glazed facades, curved concrete ceilings that absorb the heat, light shelves (architectural element that allows daylight to penetrate deep into a building) and exhaust-air shafts which widen on the upper level. The concrete ceilings and chilled panels provide the efficient system of radiant cooling. The temperature and level of air humidity are always monitored. The air-conditioning automatically responds to the rapid and frequent temperature changes. The windows are open at night to let in fresh air to cool the concrete surfaces of the interior. Three tanks installed in the basement of the building supplying chilled water to the ceiling panels. The air is cooled by shower towers and later led to the shops and offices inside the building. There are 23 solar panels installed on the roof of the building. Gross floor area of the 10-story building is 12,536.00 square meters. The cost of the project was more than $ 50 million. The experiment of the Council House 2 was so successful that soon many Six Star energy-awarded buildings were built using the same techniques.

By Astghik Atabekyan,


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