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Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt, Germany

What is the LEED Certification?

Commerzbank Headquarters (Commerzbank Tower) – the tallest building in Germany and the second tallest building in European Union (2012) – was built by the design of Foster and Partners. Construction works began in 1994 and were completed in 1997. Gross floor area of the world-famous Green tower is 109,200 square meters (or 1,175,000 square feet). The main green element of the building is the so-called 4-storey “sky garden”, formed by the atrium which opens to one of the sides of the equilateral triangle within the building. Thanks to the open spaces, operable windows, ventilation slots and exterior glazing the building is flooded with natural light practically all the time. The unique winter gardens are supported by trusses which in their turn, are made of vertical and horizontal parts. In 1997 the 56-story building cost 600 million DM. The building height is 259 meters; with antenna spire - 300 meters. The structure of the Commerzbank is built mainly of concrete and steel and is made up of mega-columns. In 2009 the Commerzbank Headquarters achieved Green Building Award.

By Astghik Atabekyan,



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