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Blackstone Station, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

What is the LEED Certification?

Situated in Cambridge (Boston), Harvard University Blackstone Station is built mainly of brick, steel and glass. Designed by Bruner/ Cott & Associates Inc., the innovated construction was ready for use in August 2006. The main goal of construction team, Consigli Construction Company (Milford, Massachusetts), was to renovate the historic building with ''green elements'', i.e. to add new peculiarities of eco-friendly and sustainable design to the existing construction. The 4-storey building is the embodiment of its creators' vision about concepts of sustainabilty and efficiency in a modern workspace. The original complex consisted of three buildings of an electricity plant and was constructed in the 1890's. After reconstruction the complex received LEED Platinum Award (54 points).

The problem of daylight penetration is solved by 2 lightwells: a 3-storey atrium and a 2-storey lightslot. Operable windows provide ventilation, as well as help light to enter the complex. Another crucial problem is water consumption. Due to low-flow fixtures, it is reduced by more than 40%.

The building is owned by Harvard University and is the first LEED-certified building at Harvard University. It occupies 4,140 square meters ( or 44,500 sq. feet). Energy consumption is reduced by 42%. Project cost $ 11 mln.

By Astghik Atabekyan,


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