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Blacksburg Motor Co. Building, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

What is the LEED Certification?

Blacksburg Motor Company building was originally planned and built in 1924-25, as a gas and service station. Later, in the 1980's it became a part of a municipal campus, and in 2007 it was bought by Town of Blacksburg. The restoration of the building began in 2008 and cost $2.6 million. It's both a historically significant and an energy-efficient, sustainable building, the first of three buildings in Southwest Virginia with LEED Platinum certification. The complex is not far from highways, but sidewalks and trails encourage alternative ways of transportation. The restoration of the building was done in accordance with LEED principles, yet the team of designers cared for preserving the original exterior façade of the building. Restoration included installment of a high-efficiency geothermal pump which helps to reduce energy used for cooling and heating the complex. The system consists of 25 pipes. Carpets are made of 77 % recycled materials. Other green elements are the plumber system of low-water usage and refurbished original tin ceilings. The building is surrounded with native landscaping. There is also a rain garden - a specially designed garden which takes rainwater from the roof. In 2007 the building was included in the list of Historic Places of Virginia. The design was made by Spectrum. The general contractor was Breakell Inc.

By Astghik Atabekyan,



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