Big Sister Brothel, Prague, Czech Republic

This was a Heaven for freebie-lovers and fame-seekers. The word «fame» however is rather steep here. In fact "Big Sister" was not a kind of brothel one can fancy. Visitors here were not only men looking for relaxed evening, but also women and couples. By the way, entrance for the latter was free of charge, while men had to pay $23 to start enjoying themselves. Besides, visitors never paid for sex here. But it was not because the "sisters" were humanists and did their best to keep the Czech nation satisfied. The thing is that visitors who intended to have fun here, signed a contract, according to which they agreed their sex to be recorded and then published on the club's official website. In other words they agreed to participate in an amateur porn-movie shooting. Moreover, they were paid for that (some $36).

The brothel was built in 2004 in the center of Prague by 2 Austrian businessmen for approximately $6 mln: one was Heribert Greinix and the other’s name is unknown. They were active in the city nightlife and owned another sex-club named K5.

There were 58 cameras all around the house that recorded every single movement in the house. The whole recorded material was then collected, filtered and archived by three special employees. During the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany "Big Sisters" organized an exotic event together with Heat TV: they created the "love truck" with 6 prostitutes on board and organized a tour in Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg and Cologne offering the fans free sex for broadcast right.

In June 2007 the club presented a new offer: Saturday swingers' night. This is a kind of private party, when all the prostitutes have a day off.

I would like to tell more about its architectural structure, however even after thorough examination I wasn't able to find anything extraordinary about the building. Well, at least the exterior modesty was totally compensated by its inner spirit. However even with all that the club didn’t manage to survive: in November 2010 they sold the "Big Sisters", but the name of the new owner is not published. Later a new center for erotic entertainment was opened here named N46 Park.

By Sona Gasparian,


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