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White Restaurant, Batumi, Georgia

Here in Batumi appeared first upside down building of Georgia. There are many like buildings in the world which serve different purposes: for entertainment, museum, or just to show opposite worldview. But owners of canted house in Batumi decided to combine pleasure with actual for Batumi utility – restaurant, which not only can be admired for idea, but also for varied and delicious Georgian cuisine. Back in August 2011, the 24-year old architect designed upside down building was only in its “jokey” discussion stage. But now, less than in a year, the strange idea came true in Batumi. White Restaurant was built on the Sheriff Khimshiashvili Avenue, adjacent to the restaurant built as a mill. By the way, the canted restaurant looks like a small White House, a residence of US President, but standing up-down. Anyway, to be upside down turned out pretty helpful for restaurant guests: when heavy drunk, everything turns back into its place for them!


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