Sex Machines Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

An 18+ area: taking into consideration that items presented in the museum can shock and injure even adult's soul, spoiled by living in this crazy world.
This museum is a result of profound research made by its owner Oriano Bizzocchi a curious traveller and a startling personality. He wanted to collect new items for his Museum of Curiosities in San Marino. However later Oriano realized that with all those "exhibits" he had collected he could actually open a brand new museum devoted exclusively to sex machines and gadgets. Thus, in 2002 a 3-storey museum was opened in the center of Prague. The total area of the museum is 600m2, where more than 200 exhibits are shown. Naturally city authorities protested against such an establishment situated in the center of the city and struggled for closing it down. However these protests only increased the museum's popularity because what all people need is "bread and circuses".

Some exhibits in the museum belong to 15-16th centuries. Here one can find special tables for copulation, which provide wide range of poses for unconventional sex, various vibrators, a throne with a special hole, chastity belts: these are in fact iron claws. Even breathing would be a heroic deed in those, not talking about having sex affairs.

The "funniest" exhibit is the anti-masturbation appliance for boys created in France in 1920s. It consists of 2 parts: one is an electronic ring, placed on boy's penis. The other part is an alarm in parents' room. Whenever the ring records an erection, the alarm starts ringing, so that mother can run to her son's room and give him a good slap. Another interesting thing: shoes that Greek prostitutes used to wear. Those shoes have the inscription "Follow my steps" engraved on the soles; it was a way they attracted clients. I think there is something romantic about all this: maybe this method should be re-implemented to date?

There is only thing to be added – the entrance is for people above 18, and NO discounts for visitors with student ID.

By Sona Gasparian,


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