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Republic Square, Armenia, Yerevan

The central square of the capital of Armenia. An idea of Oval Square belongs to the most famous Armenian architect Alexander Tamanyan, the design of which was reflected in approved general layout of Yerevan in 1924. Construction of four main buildings was carried in 1926-1958. The Government House architect was Alexander Tamanyan and after his death in 1936, his son, Gevorg Tamanyan succeeded his father and finished the building in 1952. Hotel Marriott building and the House of Trade Unions were designed by Mark Grigoryan and Edward Safaryan and The Ministry House now MFA, ME and MTM) was designed by Samvel Safaryan and Varazdat Arevshatyan. Construction of the fifth building of the square- the History Museum of Armenia and Art Gallery has finally ended in 1975 by design of Mark Grigoryan. There are famous singing fountains opposite of this building.


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