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Raynham Hall, Norfolk, Great Britain

Raynham Hall is the Townshend’s family estate. The castle is significant not for its architecture, but for the famous Brown lady. According to the legend it is the ghost of Lady Dorothy Townshend, 2nd marquees Townshend’s wife. They got married in 1712, however right after the marriage sir Townshend learned that his wife had a love affair with some lord Wharton. On learning that he locked Mrs. Townshend in one of the rooms and soon announced about her death. However, according to the legend Mrs. Townshend kept on living locked in that room for much longer time than it was officially announced.

After death, Mrs. Townshend’s spectrum stayed in the castle and started frightening the guests. Once she met even George IV (King of Great Britain and Hannover in 1820-1830) who at that time was still a regent. Rumors about the ghost brought here the famous writer Frederick Marryat. He didn't believe that the spectrum existed, but the Brown lady ensured him in her existence. Marryat saw her on the stairs and shot her, but Lady Townshend only smiled and disappeared. Next morning the bullet was found in one of the walls. Everyone who has seen the Brown lady says that she was wearing a wonderful gown embroidered with brown silk brocade. She is wearing this very gown on the large portrait hung in Raynham Hall.

The best ghost-picture ever belongs also to the Brown lady. The author of the photo is Indra Shira, who was taking photos of the Raynham hall interior. On December 1, 1936 the photo appeared in "Country Life" magazine and made a real sensation.

By Sona Gasparian,


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