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Prison Gate Museum, The Hague, Netherlands

Hague is referred to as the center of humanism and human rights defense. Thus, the Prison gate, or the "Museum of torture" (Museum De Gevangenpoort) looks quite inconsistently here. The museum is situated on the largest Bau-tenhof square of Hague, next to the building of International Tribunal. It was founded in the building of medieval jail (built in 13th century). Тhe Inquisition used this place to wrest confessions on heresy and witchcraft.

The jail was constructed so that it was nearly impossible to escape from there. The thickness of the walls connecting two cells is around 1 meter. And the floors and ceilings are really thin: so that everyone could hear heartrending moans from the torture cell on the first floor. This psychological trick was meant to dishearten the prisoners and make them confess. The poor prisoners were hung, but solvent ones who could afford to pay, had their head just cut off...

Here you can find any type of torture instruments that the Inquisition sick imagination could make up: tools for breaking bones, for extremities laceration, needles to stick under nails, clutches to squeeze arms, legs, heads and necks...

The entrance fee is €5. If you're not sick from the descriptions of these "sights", the guide will gladly suggest You to try the exhibits.

By Sona Gasparian,



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