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Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana, USA

It is said that more than 10 people were killed in this house, and that their souls wander here: some demand revenge for their assassination, others know no other home than this to live… The history of the house wasn’t like a fairy tale from the very beginning. It was built in 1976 by General David Bradford. He used to live here alone till 1799 sentenced for participation in Whiskey Rebellion (Rebellion against new tax system: farmers who sold grain in the form of whiskey had to pay a new tax. Took place in 1791-1794).

After president Washington pardoned him, he moved his wife and children to the plantation. Afterwards the long history of Bradford family and its successors began, where people married, got ill, died, renovated the house, sold it and bought it back. General himself died in 1808 and didn't see most part of this. After his death the house started passing from one relative to another. There were so many owners, that it is quite difficult today to say which of the legends is true and which one is false.

Today the Myrtles plantation is one of the most haunted houses in USA. The most famous spectrum here is the one that belongs to a young slave Chloe. They say, that the owner of the house Clark Woodruff (or Woodroff; General Bradford's son-in-law) had an affair with her when his wife Sara expected their third child. However, later he lost his interest in the young girl and found “new love”. Chloe was afraid, that she would be sent to work in the fields and started eavesdropping trying to find out her further destiny. Once the landlord saw here beside the door and ordered to cut off her ear. Since then Chloe was wearing a green turban to hide her awful scar. But her revenge was quick: she put a little bit of poison in the pie. The “Don Juan” however turned out to be very lucky: he didn’t eat any of the pie and survived, while his wife and children soon died. Other slaves were afraid that the landlord would punish all of them, hang Chloe on the tree nearby, and then cut her corpse in pieces and through it in Mississippi River.

Sara's ghost didn't manage to pass to another world: she and her kids were stuck in one of the mirrors, that accidentally remained uncovered during the funeral ceremony. Since then handprints often appear in the mirror as if there is someone trying to remove the obstacle on his way to real world.

Another ghost “lives” on the 17th stair. This is the spectrum of deceased William Winter was shot on the front porch of his house and then managed to reach the 17th stair, where he gave up his spirit.

All these facts are quite disputable; lots of articles are written to prove that all these legends are false and no one except Mr. Winter was killed in this house. As to me, I think there is never smoke without a fire, besides, ghosts scratching their way out of the mirror – that’s impressive!

However today it is difficult to scare someone with such stories. It is up to date to make business on this. One can pay $10 and get a comprehensive tour around the house, or even organize a wedding party in rooms where once innocent people were killed…

By Sona Gasparian,



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