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Museum of the Holy Souls, Rome, Italy

There is a Museum of the Holy Souls in Purgatory (Piccolo Museo Del Purgatorio) or Museum of Ghosts situated in the sacristy of Chiesa del Sacro Cuore del Suffragio. The history of the museum goes back to 1912 when the prior of the church started collecting proofs of ghost's existence. Later the museum itself was founded. Formally you have to ask for a permission from a local catholic priest to enter the museum; however there have never been precedents when someone was denied to the museum access.

There are lots of “proofs” of ghost existence: footsteps, handprints on books, lamps and other objects, even fingerprints. The most famous exhibit of the museum is the nightcap with blackened fingerprints. According to the legend those fingerprints belong to the Soul of some Louise Le Seneshel. Once she "visited" her husband at night, who led quite debauched life after her death, pinched his nose and took off the cap.

There are lit candles all around the museum; all the exhibits are shown in the half dark that increases the impression. The only thing that can't be found here are photographs. According to the local abbot, Souls themselves don't want to be photographed, so all the films that carry their images, turn out to be exposed.

One can never judge if the exhibits in this unique museum are true or not. One thing is for sure: such a concentration of Ghost evidence makes you think about a lot...

There is no entrance fee in the museum, but donations are welcome.

By Sona Gasparian,



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