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McDonalds Corporation Headquarters, Oak Brook, USA

What is the LEED Certification?

McDonald's Corporation Headquarters, Oak Brook, Illinois, USA
McDonald’s corporate world headquarters, designed by architect Dirk Lohan, was built in 1988. At first, the 356,000 square meters complex featured a comfortable 3-level underground parking, eco-friendly office environment and landscaping. Later, a number of systems were introduced, concerning waste recycling, collecting rainwater for irrigation, turning oil into biodiesel, etc. The design of the building is made the way that natural daylight can easily penetrate into the complex. The system of lighting installed in the building minimizes light costs. Besides, the office is very close to public transportation.

The company’s report of 2008 shows that McDonald’s goals by 2010 are to teach chain partners the concepts of well-being of children, as well as finding ways to minimize energy costs in restaurants. As a result of installing such programs, Mc’Donald’s pilot restaurant in Chicago used 25 % less energy, due to energy-saving kitchen equipment and stormwater collection.

In April 2009, the complex was awarded LEED Platinum certification for such crucial factors as environmental impact, office conditions, efficient energy- and water consumption systems. In order to get this prestigious award, Joseph Endress and his team had to remodel the original design of 1988. Floor area is 35,303 square meters (380,000 sq feet). Two ponds, Ed and Fred, provide the irrigation of the surrounding landscaping. One of the priorities of Mc’Donald’s is the sustainable system of waste recycling. In 2008 the complex recycled 128 tons of paper and 31 tons of metal waste.

By Astghik Atabekyan,


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