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Mary Kings Close, Edinburgh, Scotland

Actually this is not just a blind alley but a whole block, that was named after the owner of the most houses in it Mary King. In XVII century plague erupted across the country: hundreds and thousands of people died then. To avoid more and more deaths the monks of St. Andrew collected corpses at nights, took them out of town and burnt. The other way to prevent the spread of the disease was isolating the infected. For this very purpose all the infected where brought to this place that was later renamed into Mary King's close. They had to live the last days of their horrible life.

It's quite normal that now this place is inhabited with different spectrums and poltergeists. One of the most famous ghosts belongs to a little infected girl Annie, who was left in the blind-alley by her parents. Later she died from dreadful sufferings but she never rest in peace in this cold and scary place. It is said that she wanders along the tunnels and seizes the tourists by their hands and legs. Many people describe a little girl dressed in rags. Some tell about a little dog wandering with her. Others say that she is holding a broken doll in her hand. In order to cheer up Annie tourists bring dolls and other toys. She never takes them, but everyone believes that she is happy to receive all those gifts.

In 100 years after the plague a new building was built in the place of blind-alley, and starting from 2003 tourists started visit it. Not everyone however can pass through the tunnels and watch this place: it seems that walls carry the spirit of death. Every single breath of the wind seems to be a touch of some desolate that is begging You for help...

By Sona Gasparian,


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