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Las Lajas Cathedral, Ipiales, Colombia

Las Lajas Cathedral or Las Lajas Sanctuary (El santuario de Las Lajas - in Spanish) was build on the place where in 1754 on the slab was first seen lightning image of Virgin Mary and where several churches was build before construction of existing Cathedral. Virgin Mary - is the main Shrine of Columbia and the local Indians cults Her as the patron saint of the terrain and their Queen. Construction of this cathedral, the fourth in a row on this place, began in 1916 and fully completed in 1949. The creators of this Gothic style, 100m high fabulously beautiful building in the gorge of Guaitara river are an engineer Gualberto Perez and architect Lucinda Espinoza. Cathedral of Las Lajas is a hallmark of Colombia and is considered one of the finest architectural works in the world.


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