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Hawkeye / Greyhound Flight Test Facility, Maryland, USA

What is the LEED Certification?

Hawkeye / Greyhound Flight Test Facility, located at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, is a 2-story building with gross floor area of about 3020 square meters (or 32,500 square feet). Completed in August 2009, the facility achieved LEED Gold certification (New Construction, 39 points). In the past, the flight test facility consisted of several temporary buildings. Later they were demolished, and the whole staff moved to the new facility which is specialized in development and testing of flights.

The most important element of green design is its water- and energy-efficiency. The water-conserving mechanisms include low-flow plumbing fixtures – faucets, shower, etc. Besides, use of potable water is reduced by 51%. The operable windows, the reflective roof and the insulated metal panels, as well as the efficient light system help to save electricity. Other green factors of the building are – healthy environment, good indoor air quality, use of low VOC and low-emitting materials, stormwater conservation and recycling, constant lighting control.

By Astghik Atabekyan,


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