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Gandzasar Monastery Complex

Gandzasar (treasure mountain or hilltop treasure) monastery complex is situated on the hill with silver mines in the bosom, and that is how monastery took its name. The church Surb Hovanes Mkrtich (Saint John the Baptist) of Gandzasar was built by the prince of Lower Khachen Hasan-Jalalyan (in 1216-1238), and the construction of dome was started by Hasan-Jalalyan with his wife Mamkan. However, the construction of dome was completed by their sun Atabak in 1266. Gandzasar was Hasan-Jalalyan princely family vault. In 1400-1816 the monastery was the residence of Catholicoses from Akhvank. Due to Hasan-Jalalyan prince family Gandzasar was the main religious center of eastern province.


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