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Gagikashen Church, Turkey

Gagikashen (it is also called St. Gregory) church was probably built in 1001-1010 by king Gagik, right after he completed the construction of the Cathedral of Ani. The architect of Gagikashen was Trdat, who also designed the Cathedral of Ani. Gagikashen resembled the size and the ground plan of Zvartnots cathedral. It was a three-storey church, with 36 windows, 36 inner arches, and 3 doors the frames of which were covered with sculptures. The structure of the church was not stable and in 1013 it was strengthened, by adding masonry. However it collapsed shortly afterwards. In XIII century fallen masonry was used to build houses around the ruins and later the ruins were covered with the earth. By the second half of XIX century the only visible thing were parts of the wall on a hill.


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