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Dominican Cathedral and Monastery, Lviv, Ukraine

"Soli Deo Honor et Gloria" (“Honor and glory to the Only God”) says the inscription on the main facade of the Dominican cathedral in Lvov. This building is one of the oldest and most remarkable buildings of the city. It’s located in the Old town of Lviv – on Muzeynaya square. The construction of the building started in 1749, according to the architectural plan of engineer and architect Jan de Witte, and lasted 10 years. The building was constructed on the place of the old Dominican monastery (built in the 14th century), which was demolished because of disrepair. Four- storey bell tower was added to the cathedral in 1865. In 1895 the dome of the cathedral was rebuilt.

The two buildings of cathedral and monastery are made of stone. Cathedral has a shape of an elongated cross with an oval center. Elliptical dome is based on 8 pairs of double massive columns. The pediment of the cathedral is impressing with its massive columns, protruding forward eaves and big statues, located on the eaves. Central dome and the roof of the bell tower are green, while the building itself cream colored. This color range creates an impression of antiquity.

The rectangular altar is decorated with four statues, created by M. Paleyovsky. Under the dome of the building you can find 18 massive wooden statues depicting various saints of Dominican Order.

The cathedral was built in the late Baroque style. All the other buildings of the monastery, built later, were designed in the same style.

Dominican monastery is known for different historical events, which have taken place there. Among these events the most significant one is the signing of the alliance treaty between Russia and Rzeczpospolita in the war against Sweden. The Museum of history and religion is located in the monastery which was founded during the Soviet era. From 1990 the cathedral is under the leadership of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, and is called the Temple of the Holy Eucharist.

By Anna Pambukhchyan,


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