Daily Planet Brothel, Melbourn, Australia

The brothel was founded in 1975 by John Trimble. Rumor had it that he was the nephew of Robert Trimbole, Australia's most famous marijuana and heroin dealer in 1970-80s. The brothel was not famous till 2003 when it was announced that the Daily Planet has made an IPO in Australian Stock exchange. Shocikng, indeed. When looking closely, however, it turned out that it's not quite as it was presented.

The thing is that the company owning the brothel had another business dealing with real estate. And this very company had issued shares. According to the director Andrew Harris they hoped the sex sells principle to work (sex sells or sex in advertising is the use of sexual or erotic imagery in advertising to draw interest to a particular product, for purpose of sale). And they were right: the initial price for securities was $1000. In very short period of time it jumped 4 times, which surprised even the company management. Soon the challenging reason of buying the shares stopped working: investors weren't enjoying their name to be connected with a brothel. Thus in 2004 the management decided to sell the building of the brothel along with the business. However, later John Trimble changed his mind and decided only to change the name of the real estate company to Planet Platinium.

A couple of words about the brothel itself: there are 18 rooms here, equipped with everything necessary for comfortable stay – 2 and 8-person shower cabins, beds that can fit for groups. Each room is decorated in its own style: the administration advises to visit the Greek and Roman rooms. According to the official website of the brothel some 100-150 ladies are employed here. The range of services conducted here is not limited to «sex» ones. The brothel was announced a winner in 2 nominations of Australian Adult Industry Awards in 2005-2011 - "Best Brothel Overall" and "Best Brothel Reception & Staff». (Annual award for achievments in sex-industry. Founded in 2001. Australian Taxation Office is the chief partner of the award: thus they managed to get over 16 000 sex workers to pay taxes).

Using such a startling trick drew attention of millions to a brothel. Due to its reputation the brothel attracted lots of new clients.

By Sona Gasparian, www.building.am


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