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Church of the Redeemer, Ani, Turkey

The church of The Redeemer in Ani was built in 1035. It has round shape, lower part of which is divided into 19 faced-polygons and the upper part is a perfect circle. The walls of the church are covered with long carved inscriptions and due to those inscriptions much of the history was exposed. According to one of the inscriptions, church of The Redeemer was built by order of Ablgharib Pahlavuni, where he probably put the piece of True Cross. There are also three inscriptions; the first one records a restoration of the church in 1193 by priest Trdat, when two porches were built, the second inscription tells that some man named Mkhitar built a bell tower in 1291, and the last records the restoration of the cupola in 1342 by Vahram Zakharid (architect Vasil). The eastern half of The Redeemer collapsed during a storm in 1957. The remaining part of the church suffered during Spitak earthquake in 1988 and now is in danger of total collapse.


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