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Chillingham Castle, Northumberland County, Great Britain

Chillingham castle is like a refuge for all kinds of ghosts. But let's refer to its history first. It was built in 12th century and consisted of only one patrol tower. Initially it was meant to protect the border between England and Scotland. When James VI ascended the Anglo- Scottish throne in 1567 the situation between two countries calmed down, and the castle lost its initial function. The ditch around the building was covered with mould; a library and a banquet hall were built. In 18th-19th century a wonderful garden was laid out around the castle. During WWI the building was nearly destroyed; it was reconstructed only in 1980s.

Now let's talk about the ghosts. "The blue boy": it is said that in 1920s a boy was bricked up in one of the walls. During the renovation builders found a little boy's skeleton whose finger bones were worn down. The wall was covered with etched marks... So the boy's ghost in blue is wandering around the house, weeping and asking for help.

When passing by Lady Mary Berkeley's portrait men should be really careful. Since her lover left her and ran away with her sister, she has been getting out of the portrait every night and starting a "men-hunt". No one knows what happens when she catches them. Another lady wandering around the house is the lady in white. She follows the visitors and asks for a glass of water. Once there used to live a young and beautiful girl in the castle. She was so beautiful that her envious relatives poisoned her with a special poison that causes dehydration. So she suffers thus far.

When entering the library be careful not to disturb the two venerable men that discuss something day and night. No one knows what they are talking about but there is something serious if they haven't come to a conclusion till now.

There is also a Torture Chamber which is not for the faint hearted ones. It displays interesting and gruesome implements of punishment, including a stretching rack, cages, a bed of nails, nailed barrel and spiked chair.

This is the strange and scary Chiilingham castle, where every inch has its own ghost. It is open to public every day from 1200 - 1700, but for brave ones, who can wait till night, we strongly recommend to take the special scary ghost tour beginning at 8.00 p.m.

By Sona Gasparian,



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