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Capsule Hotel, The Hague, Netherlands

All fans of the original and new will not miss the opportunity to visit this funny hotel made of life saving rescue capsules, which are commonly used on an oil drilling platforms in the sea.
The first “capsule” hotels with 4.25 meters in diameter appeared in 1972. Besides the Netherlands, Capsule hotels were built also in France, Belgium and some other countries. In the Dutch capsule hotels you may feel very comfortable as you'll get all the comfort you need to feel cozy enough. You have all the necessary amenities for a relaxing holiday in these tiny, 7 square meters hotel room. According to Priscilla Van Warden, a manager of the Capsule hotel, "here you can sleep, watch TV, work at computer, or take a shower. And here are chemical toilets too - all in a tiny space - everything you need". If you find yourself in The Hague, don’t hesitate to try this unusual and funny hotel. Yes, do not forget to have $100-250 with you.

By Lilit Khalatyan,



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