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Bgavor Church, Akori, Armenia

Bgavor church is situated in Lori Province of Armenia, 3 km north-west of Akori village on the flank of Mount Lalvar. It is surrounded by rocks and gorges. There is no information about the church construction date from historical sources or inscriptions. Architecture of the church has something in common with the monuments located in the same region (Akhtala, Kobayr XIII c.). That`s why it`s supposed that Bgavor church was built at the same period of time.

Some elements of decorative design resemble Georgian churches of 12-14th centuries, which is probably resulting of trade and culture relations between Georgians and Armenians during the reign of Zakarian dynasty.

The church is partially destroyed, its roof didn`t preserved. Bgavor is a three-nave vaulted hall. There are two-storey side-chapels to the both sides of the altar. A square prayer hall is divided into three naves; the middle nave is twice larger than the side ones.

The church has three entrances – from the south, west and north (now closed). The doors and the windows and decorated with twisted ornaments. The main altar is sparingly lit up through three narrow windows.

The façade facing and some elements of the interior design are made of smooth-hewn basalt, while the walls from the inside are laid with rough stone.

To restore Bgavor church in 2012 the funds were allocated from the Armenian state budget.

By Natalia Ghukasyan,


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