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Bar Code Building, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The Bar Code building in Saint Petersburg is a creation of the architects Dmitry Melentyev and Oleg Kosenko from Vitruvius & Sons architectural company. By the way, the initial design assumed construction of two buildings, but later, the building of the second one was putted off.

This funny building located near the bank of the Neva River, on the square at Volodarski Bridge, among house buildings built in gray and weary colors. The commercial idea of the shopping mall was brilliantly realized in the architectural concept of the facade. This is a red building made of stainless steel which spreads the joy and light around. Trade center rectangular in form, has 4 floors and 1800 square meters floor area. Its narrow and long windows give the impression of a Bar code and help clarify the functional identity of the building.

By Lilit Khalatyan,



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