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Anapat, Togh

The church which is called Kusanats Anapat (Virgin`s Hermitage) is situated near the village Togh of Hadrut region of Nagorno-Karabakh, on the north-western part of a cemetery. Surrounded by the nut woods the church is partially covered up with earth that`s why it`s impossible to get into it through the southern entrance. It`s a rectangular vaulted hall, pylons of the lengthwise walls are connected with bow-shaped arches. The vestibule, the apse and a prayer room are partially under earth. There are traces of monastic cells near the walls.

Opinions vary concerning the date when the church was found. The only inscription preserved on a cross-stone fixed above the entrance says: «The Cross of St.Vardan». Probably the church was named St. Vardan in ancient times. The hero of Avarayr battle - military leader Vardan was a saint for the nation, that`s why it`s not surprising that the cross-stones, chapels and even churches were being called after him.

There are remains of ancient gravestones near the church. One of the tombs belongs to Melik Bakhtam traitorously killed by Ibrahim Khan.

By Natalia Ghukasyan,


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